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Civil Technology focuses on concepts and principles in the built environment and on the technological process. It embraces practical skills and the application of scientific principles. This subject aims to create and improve the built environment to enhance the quality of life of the individual and society and to ensure the sustainable use of the natural environment. The subject focuses on three main areas, namely:

• civil services;
• construction; and
• woodworking.
Topics to be Studied in Civil Technology:
• Methods of construction of joinery
• Methods of installation of joinery
• Designing of wooden structures for buildings
• Methods of sustaining wooden installations in a building
• Tools and equipment used in the building industry
• Woodwork joints
• Roof construction
• Materials: properties and uses
• Construction: from foundation to wall plate level
• Applied mechanics
• Steel structures
• Quantity surveying
• Graphics and communication
• Sewage and storm-water disposal
• Water supply
• Sanitary fittings and fitments
• Hot water systems
• Reticulation systems