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Comm-Econ 760x102


Economics is the study of how individuals, businesses, governments and other organisations within our society choose to use scarce resources to satisfy their numerous wants in a manner that is efficient and equitable.


The purpose of the subject is to ensure that learners will be able to:


  • acquire and advanced Economics vocabulary that will allow them to debate and communicate the essentials of this subject, i.e. Macro-Economics, Micro-Economics, Economic Pursuits, Current Economic Issues
  • apply, in a responsible and accountable manner, principles that underlie basic economic processes and practices
  • explore a variety of methods and strategies to analyse and explain the dynamics of markets
  • collect, analyse and interpret production, consumption and exchange data data as well as other information in order to solve problems and make informed decisions
  • understand human rights concerns, reflect on the wealth creation process, and engage in poverty alleviation
  • analyse and assess the impact of local and global institutions on the South African economy

Curriculum Support for educators

Lodi van Deventer, a Senior Curriculum Planner, based at Head Office, Cape Town, is responsible for the overall well being of Economics in the Western Cape. Supporting educators at secondary school level. Eight curriculum advisors are deployed at the eight District offices. These officials currently support the teachers involved in the FET subject, Economics, as well as in the GET Economic and Management Sciences Grades 7-9