Welcome to Life Orientation - FET

Welcome to Life Orientation - FET

Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement (CAPS)


Life Orientation is the study of the self in relation to others and to society. It addresses skills, knowledge and values about the self, the environment, responsible citizenship, a healthy and productive life, social engagement, recreation and physical activity, careers and career choices. Opportunitiies to engage in the development and practice of a variety of skills, to solve problems, to make informed decisions and choices and to take appropriate actions to live meaningfully and successfully in a rapidly changing society. Although it focuses on knowledge, it also emphasises the application of skills and values in real-life situations.

Life Orientation is one of the compulsory subjects required for the National Senior Certificate (NSC). It applies a holistic approach to the social, personal, intellectual, emotional, spiritual, motor and physical growth and development of learners.

The subject contains the following six topics:

1) Development of the self in society

2) Social and environmental responsibility

3) Democracy and human rights

4) careers and career choices

5) Study skills

6) Physical Education

The issues contained in the above topics are interrelated and are related to the topics dealt with in Grades R to 9. The content taught in lower grades serves a sthe foundation for the content that is taught in the higher grades. Due to its holistic approach, no learner will leave the schooling system without knowledge, skills and values to become a balanced and confident individual who can contribute to a just and democratic society, a productive economy and an improved quality of life for all.

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